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About the Augusta Nature Club
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Augusta Nature Club
P.O. Box 5335
Augusta Maine 04332-5335

In 1919, the Ball Bird Club was started by a group of Augusta residents and named after the Reverend Dwight Ball. By 1928, the emphasis migrated from birding to a general nature agenda and the Club was renamed the Augusta Nature Club. Beginning in 1932, the Club began looking for land to establish a nature sanctuary. In 1963 the club incorporated to become the Augusta Nature Club Inc. and with major parcels of abutting land deeded to the club in 1972, the Augusta Nature Education Center changed from a dream, to the reality of a nature educational preserve in downtown Augusta. Read more in our condensed history by Ann Thomas

Maine Audubon Society (1960); Mid-Coast Audubon Society (1964); Viles Arboretum; Augusta Trails; Augusta Nature Education Center.


  • President: Jackie McNeill (622-2419)
  • Vice President: Heide Munro
  • Secretary: Ronnie Williams
  • Treasurer: Nancy Miner
(Past Presidents and In Memoriam)


  • Ken McNeill 622-2419
  • Jerre Keller 623-1805


  • CARDS: Irene Forster
  • FINANCE: Nancy Miner, Betty Carpenter, Phyllis Fernald
  • HISTORIAN: Harmon Harvey
  • MEMBERSHIP: Coral Garrison (622-9826), Jackie McNeill (622-2419), Marilyn Dunn
  • NATURE CENTER: Marilyn Mollicone, Gaby Howard, Beth Brooke
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jackie McNeill, Joe Lupsha
  • PROGRAM: Jackie McNeill, Irene Forster, Coral Garrison, Nancy Hill, Carolyn Ladd, Heide Munro, Ronnie Williams
  • PUBLICITY: Beth Brooke
  • RESERVATIONS: Coral Garrison
  • STATE CORPORATION AGENTS: Cindy Glidden, Nancy Miner
  • TELEPHONE: Coral Garrison, Glenda Goodwin, Jackie McNeill, Heide Munro, Mary Perkins, Irene Turner, Arlene White, Ronnie Williams, Wendy Wingate.
  • YEARBOOK: Marilyn Dunn, Coral Garrison, Jackie McNeill

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