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Events: Meetings, Sports, GeoCaching and More

We'll try to place all our events on the calendar. Our calendar will show the "Agenda" view first - containing a list of upcoming events. Click the Blue Arrow Buttons to advance the calendar forward or back. You can also Print, or use the "Week" and "Month" tabs to see a more standard "calendar view".

From Fall to Spring, the club conducts monthly Luncheon Meetings at the Capital Area Technical Center on Pierce Drive, Augusta ME (food prepared by the Culinary Arts students). The optional lunch is at noon and costs $6 per person. Business meeting is at 1 pm followed immediately by a Program. Programs vary from slide presentations to hands on displays and cover a wide range of topics including wildlife, plants and the other wonders of nature. During the summer months, several Club Field Trips are scheduled where we visit many interesting and noteworthy features found in Maine. The meeting schedule is published in our Annual Yearbook and is listed on our Events Calendar. Meetings are cancelled if there is no school (due to bad weather, etc.).

Visitors are welcome to attend Nature Club meetings, but you must call for a reservation if you wish to eat lunch. Our Calling Committee must have reservations in by the Monday preceding the meeting. Reservations are not required for the Program. For reservations contact Coral Garrison (622-9826).

You can find out more about the Augusta Nature Club on our About Us page.

Our reconfigured trail around the perimeter of the Nature Center promotes cross country running and skiing. The CONY Sports Boosters and the City of Augusta helped to contour over 2 miles of trail and manage that same trail for public, inter-scholastic, and recreational activities promoting good health. In the Fall, part of the trail system is used for CONY "Home" cross country running meets. We try to include these in our calendar of events (below), however you can also check the Cony Athletic Department Schedule.

We invite Geocaching into the Nature Center! It's a fun and adventurous way to explore the grounds. A geocache is located using a GPS and a set of coordinates which you follow to the cache. The cache is typically registered on a internet site and you may track how many times it was located, what is in it, and if any "travel bugs" have visited. Please do not destroy or remove any cache - if you find one.

The geocache placed in our Center on 2005, Leslie's 50th by "K", is still active - waiting for you to find it! There are many more caches on our grounds too! You can also visit our friends at GeoCaching Maine to find more opportunities to engage in this sport of discovery!

Stay tuned for more upcoming projects, opportunities and events!
Contact Us if there is anything we can do to help you host an event at the Augusta Nature Education Center!

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